Friday, January 13, 2012

For Christmas Billy and I got the boys two Cozy Trucks for them to play with. They both LOVE the trucks and the boys and I had a good time playing with them outside earlier this week. I just had to share the cute pictures that I got of them while playing. As they were playing and being soooo cute, it reinforced to me how much I love being a mom and how much fun they can be! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and the two cutest, sweetest and loving boys!

Look at Marc's face...I love it. His face looks like he is really driving a car and going so fast. Don't forget that James is just pushing him...but Marc is loving it regardless of how fast he is going!

Love this smile and this boy Marc! There were tons of smiles while we were playing outside!

Now check out this sweet face. James loves standing on the back of the truck while Marc moves it with his feet (Fred Flinstone style).

Obviously James is having a good time because he is asking Marc to go "More, more, more!" He wouldn't stop asking until Marc would move this little legs.

James is on the back and Marc is in the Truck. James is obviously having a great time...maybe it's because Marc is doing all the work! :)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Visit with Santa

What can I say...this picture says it all!

(Marc on left, James on right)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Friends

The other day James got mad at me because he burned himself on a hot pan after I told him not to touch it and constantly keep shooing him away from it. He touched it though and I tried to calm him down while he was crying and to see how badly he burned himself. However, he ran away from me and ran into his room where Marc was taking a nap. He went right to Marc's crib and sat right down next to where Marc was sleeping. I think he wanted Marc to make everything better since obviously it was all my fault. It was priceless!

Later in the afternoon after Marc woke up from his nap, the boys ended up watching TV together on the couch. James just wanted to be by his brother. He loves him so much!

And how cute is many 21 month old boys would let some other kid lay on them? I think only if you're a twin. It was so cute to see them "cuddling" on the couch.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful boys. Even though there are times when I think I am going to go crazy, they are such well behaved boys and really love each other! There is no doubt that they are best friends.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cuddle Time

Right now he is our easy going child and so much fun to be around. However, over the last few days he has been cranky and not himself. This morning was the worst by far, but dad was able to cheer him up with some back scratches and back rubs. Marc was in Heaven and so was dad. It was so cute!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Half Marathon...A Success!

I have always considered to be a sprinter over a long distance runner. When I was younger, I was always the fastest person on my soccer, softball and basketball teams. Since I was always among the fastest athletes, I preferred sprinting over long distance running. I always preferred to go fast so I could get the running over as quickly as possible. When I took anatomy at BYU, I learned that every one has slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. The slow twitch muscle fibers are found more in distance runners and fast twitch muscle fibers are found in long distance runners. Because of this and since I was fast and loved to sprint, I never gave much thought to running long distances...especially after I ran my first 5k in 2008 and I was so winded. However, over the last year, I needed to get back into shape and get my "athleticism" back that I felt I had lost. After I ran Pat's Run in April, I mentally and physically started preparing to run my first half marathon...and I did on Saturday! :)

Since I had worked so long to be able to run the half marathon, I got kind of nervous a couple weeks before the race. On my last long run, I ran 12 miles. I felt really good during the run, but a couple hours after I got home, I had some cramping in my stomach and didn't feel well. I was so worried that the same thing was going to happen after I ran the race. Fortunately it didn't! I loved completing the race most because it was something I worked towards for a long time and it was something I didn't think I could ever complete. As I kept passing the mile signs, I was more and more excited to finish the race and prove myself wrong...and I did! My goal was to run the race in less than 2 hours and 15 minutes and I accomplished that...barely! It was wonderful to see Billy and the boys at the last quarter of a mile cheering me on and I am grateful for their support!

Here I am rounding the last corner before heading into the stadium to the finish line. My cute little family was there cheering me on and gave me a little extra burst of energy to finish the race.

LaDawn and I after the race. Let me just say that I want to be like LaDawn when I grow up! She is an amazing runner!

Now it's time to figure out what race I will be doing next! People ask if I will do a full marathon next...the answer is no...I cannot see myself running for 4+ hours and I don't think I am ready for that challenge! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Day

This year, the boys and I had an opportunity to go to a Veterans Day parade in Mesa with our friends the Curry's. The boys loved watching the parade for about an hour. They were so quite and loved watching army tanks, boy scout troops and many American flags go by. I hope to be able to instill a love for America in our boys and hope that next year they will understand more what the parade was all about.

James and the time I got the camera out, James did not want to let go of I had to take a self portrait of us! :)

Marc is eating his apple slice and intently watching the parade...priceless! :)

James, me and Marc all watching the parade together.

I am thankful for all the men and women who have served our country by being a part of the military. In the last ten years, I have known many people who have gone overseas, to Iraq or Afghanistan, to protect our freedoms and our country. I am so grateful for all of their service and the support, love and sacrifices their families make!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Festivities

This year we had lots of fun for Halloween. They boys dressed up as tigers and looked so cute! :) We were able to go to a couple Halloween activities to expose them to the fun holiday...Plus, I think Halloween is tons of fun for kids and I don't like dressing up so it is fun for me to dress up the boys!

The first thing we did for Halloween was go to a rest home that is about a mile from our house. There were a group of kids and mom's that all went together from our ward. They boys got to walk around and say Happy Halloween to the older people and it just made their day! There were a couple people who had candy to give out and that was a first for the boys. They definitely liked getting candy from people. Both Marc and James held onto a fun size Milky Way and Snickers for so long that they were melted by the time I took them away at home. They didn't really know what candy was until going to the rest home.

James, Marc, Stanton, Noelle and Winston all ready and waiting to go into the rest home.

A group shot of all the kids waiting to go inside the rest home. I think all the kids are anxious to get out of the heat and get inside! :)

Marc is holding onto the candy ready to dig in...if only he could open the wrapper! :)

Marc showing us a nice smile! :) (James just wanted me to hold him most of the time, so I didn't get many pictures of him. I think he was nervous to be some place new.)

The second Halloween activity we went to was a costume contest and trick or treating at our local Fry's grocery store. They boys won the costume contest for their age group and we got tickets to a performance of the Nutcracker in December. Can't wait! I think we have an advantage because everyone seems to love the boys costumes no matter what they are. They won the ward costume contest last year.

The Saturday before Halloween our church had a Trunk or Treat. Billy was gone at a Boys Scouts training ALL DAY so he missed the Trunk or Treat. The boys and I braved it on our own and we lasted about a half hour, but I couldn't survive much longer. 20 month old twin boys are A LOT of work and keep me on my toes 24/7. The boys had fun though going around to each car and putting their buckets up and getting candy. Nothing gets past them! :)

James (left) Marc (right) posing for a picture after Trunk or Treating. Neither one of them wanted to let go of their buckets. Can't blame them! :)

On Halloween, we went Trick or Treating for about 45 minutes with some friends. The boys were so curious to look in each new house and to find the pets that people had. They got tired quickly...I guess asking for candy is a lot of hard work!

We had such a fun Halloween and are so grateful for James and Marc. They bring so much happiness and fun times to our family!