Friday, January 13, 2012

For Christmas Billy and I got the boys two Cozy Trucks for them to play with. They both LOVE the trucks and the boys and I had a good time playing with them outside earlier this week. I just had to share the cute pictures that I got of them while playing. As they were playing and being soooo cute, it reinforced to me how much I love being a mom and how much fun they can be! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and the two cutest, sweetest and loving boys!

Look at Marc's face...I love it. His face looks like he is really driving a car and going so fast. Don't forget that James is just pushing him...but Marc is loving it regardless of how fast he is going!

Love this smile and this boy Marc! There were tons of smiles while we were playing outside!

Now check out this sweet face. James loves standing on the back of the truck while Marc moves it with his feet (Fred Flinstone style).

Obviously James is having a good time because he is asking Marc to go "More, more, more!" He wouldn't stop asking until Marc would move this little legs.

James is on the back and Marc is in the Truck. James is obviously having a great time...maybe it's because Marc is doing all the work! :)